10 Weight Gain Foods for Vegetarians

For anyone who wants to gain weight, it is going to require that you increase your calorie intake. More specifically, you should be at a consistent caloric surplus where you are consuming more calories than those burned off. Those calories should primarily come from nutrient-dense foods as opposed to junk foods that can lead to possible adverse health effects. For those who follow a vegetarian diet (a diet void of meat products – poultry, beef, fish, etc.) and want to gain weight, healthy choices of high-calorie food options that aren’t meat are still plentiful.

Here are 10 weight gain foods for vegetarians:

weight gain foods for vegetarians
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** The foods listed below are simply meatless food options for vegetarians who want to gain weight. Not all are void of animal-derived sources like dairy.


Beans are a convenient and versatile choice of weight gain foods for vegetarians. They are protein-packed and have a good nutrient density. This protein content comes in handy when trying to build and maintain muscle mass. There are a variety of beans to select from to add to your meals and use in different recipes.

  • Kidney beans
  • Black beans
  • Garbanzo beans (chickpeas)


Potatoes are a healthy source of carbohydrates and other essential nutrients like various vitamins and minerals. There is such a wide array of ways to prepare and serve potatoes, so it is easy to accumulate a decent number of calories for gaining weight.

weight gain foods for vegetarians


Avocados can be prepared and consumed in a variety of ways. They are a healthy weight gain food for vegetarians as they contain a good amount of healthy fats and calories. Use avocados in the creation of a guacamole dip, add it to a salad, and more to receive a source of nutrient-dense calories.


This gluten-free food is great for vegetarians as it is a complete protein food. Quinoa contains all of the nine necessary amino acids we must receive from our diet. This complete protein content makes it an excellent food choice when it comes to building muscle mass to further increase your overall body weight. In addition, there are numerous health benefits to adding quinoa to your diet. It contains a generous number of essential vitamins and minerals.


Nuts are a quick and tasty snack that can be very beneficial for vegetarians who want to gain weight. Many different types of nuts are packed with nutrients including protein and various vitamins and minerals. In addition, these snacks can be calorie dense. Pair them up with other edibles in a trail mix for even more calories for weight gain.

  • Almonds
  • Peanut butter
  • Walnuts

weight gain foods for vegetarians


Rice makes a good side to add to your meals from time to time as extra calories for weight gain. Brown rice in particular, still holds the bran and germ layer and provides different health benefits as it contains a generous nutritional content. However, because rice has been found to contain trace amounts of arsenic, it is best to consume this food in moderation.


Greek yogurt makes a great snack choice of weight gain foods for vegetarians. While this snack may not be as calorie dense, Greek yogurt provides a decent serving of protein. Some brands can provide over 10 grams of protein per cup. It makes for a good pre or post-workout snack.

weight gain foods for vegetarians


There are so many variations of pasta recipes including vegetarian pasta meals. With the right toppings, it is easy to get a generous number of calories for gaining weight. Whole wheat pasta shells are an additional healthy option of carbohydrates.


Dried fruits go through a process of removing the fruit’s water content. They can serve as nutrient-dense snacks beneficial for vegetarians who want to gain weight. Raisins for example, provide hundreds of calories even in just one small packaged box. While dried fruits contain a high number of natural sugars, some may contain added sugars so they are best consumed in moderation.

weight gain foods for vegetarians


Another way to gain weight for vegetarians is with the aid of weight gain supplement shakes and powders. Many of these supplements come with a simple and convenient preparation, allowing you to gain a decent number of calories just by blending the mix in with your beverages. Others already come prepared.

In addition to increasing your calorie intake to gain weight, it is essential that you are also exercising to help tone and shape where the gained weight goes, as well further increase your overall body mass.

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