15 Different Squat Exercises for Women

Squats are a compounded strength-based exercise. This type of exercise is beneficial for a majority of the body. One of the reasons being is because of the wide variety of squat forms there are and the numerous muscles that are engaged during the exercise. Squats target primarily the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, plus more. Women who are seeking to tone and shape their body will find squats to be highly effective. The 15 different squat exercises for women in this list will help you to strengthen and tighten and tone a desired area. In addition, squats are great for wider hips, stronger legs, or bigger glutes.

What ever your fitness aims are, here are 15 different squat exercises for women that can help:

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Perhaps one of the most basic forms of squat exercises, is the body weight squat. It requires no type of equipment. Starting in a standing position with your feet placed hip-width apart, bend down at the knees. Make sure your knees do not extend past your feet, and keep your posture straight. You can place your hands behind your head or clamped together in front of you. Bend as low as you can without your hips going past your knees. Tighten your glutes as you raise up.

different squat exercises for women
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Pulse squats involve the same form as a body weight squat. However, this time instead of doing one squat and pulling back up, you are remaining in the same squat position and completing repeated repetitions. Repeat your desired number of repetitions in a pulse-like movement. This form of different squat exercises for women benefits the glutes, thighs, and hips.


Start in a position standing straight up with your feet placed shoulder-width apart. Bend down into a regular squat position, keeping your back and feet straight. This time, as you raise up from your squat you are going to jump up. Then, as your feet return to the floor, return to a squat position. Keep your core and legs tightened while jumping in motion.


Also known as a wall sit, you will feel the burn almost instantly with this squat exercise. With your back sitting straight up against a wall, bend your legs/knees at a 90-degree angle. Keep your body weight centered, holding this position for as long as you can. Wall squats will help to tighten and tone your abdomen, thigh muscles, and improve your overall body strength.


Grab a kettle bell or some dumbbells. With your choice of equipment, you are going to bend into a body weight squat position with your feet hip-width apart. As you rise from your squat, pull your exercise equipment up with you. The squat to high pull is another option of different squat exercises for women that will benefit multiple areas including the arms and legs.

different squat exercises for women
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The goblet squat also involves the use of equipment like a kettle bell or dumbbell / barbell. With your choice of weight, hold the equipment clasped in both hands. Keep the item centered in front of your chest as you do your body weight squat repetitions. Goblet squats aim to lessen tensions specifically on the back and are a beneficial lower-risk exercise for starters.


This squat exercise is called the sumo squat because of the wide placement of your feet. You are going to start standing with your feet wider than hip-width apart and your feet slightly angled outwards. Then, bend down like you would in a regular squat. You can lift your arms up with you as you squat or keep them clasped together. This exercise really benefits the hamstrings and quadriceps.


This variation of different squat exercises for women looks similar to lunges. You are also going to need some dumbbells. With dumbbells in both hands, start off in a lunged position with your left leg elevated on a surface behind you. Bend/extend your right leg forward, holding the position briefly. Then, elevate your opposite leg and repeat.

different squat exercises for women
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Holding a dumbbell or barbell in one of your hands, bend down in a regular squat position. Make sure that your back posture is straight, and your feet are placed hip-width apart. As you bend, make sure that your hips do not extend past the knees.


With this choice of different squat exercises for women, you are going to remain in a regular squat position and hold for as long as you can.  This type of squat exercise will really help to target and strength your lower body area. It is a simple yet effective exercise that additionally benefits the glutes and thigh muscles.


There are some different ways people like to do squat jacks. Here is one way: Start in a bent squat position with your feet hip-width apart and hands clasped together. Then, jump outwards with both legs in a sumo-like position. Jump back into squat position. Repeat your desired number of repetitions. The type of squat exercise efficiently helps to tone the legs.

different squat exercises for women


With your balance placed on your left leg, bend down with your right leg extended outwards enough to still maintain balance. Keep your back straight and arms extended straight forward as well. Switch to the right leg after you have done your desired number of repetitions.


Begin standing straight up with your feet placed hip-width apart. Step to one side and do a regular body weight squat. Stand straight up back at your starting position, and then step to the other side and complete another body weight squat. Keep repeating the same motion on each side.


You are going to do a regular sumo squat, keeping your feet placed wider than hip-width apart. This time though, you are going to hold a dumbbell center in front of your chest. Dumbbell sumo squats are a different form of squat exercises for women that benefit your overall body strength and can help to tone the arms.

different squat exercises for women
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Standing at shoulder-width apart, complete a regular squat. However, as you lift, kick one leg outwards. Then, do another repetition, kicking your opposite leg outwards. This form of different squat exercises for women can be a type of cardio, though it still provides many strengthening benefits for the core area and legs.

Squats are just one of many of the best strength-exercises for women. Check out this list of other beneficial strength exercises here:


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