15 Quick Weight Gain Foods

If you are looking for healthy ways to gain weight faster, there are a variety of quick weight gain foods that can help. To gain weight, you should be consistently consuming more calories than you burn off. This will produce a surplus, and with this caloric surplus is where noticeable weight gain can be seen. People who are underweight or have difficulty gaining weight, may be consuming a number of calories that does not total a constant surplus. Instead, you may be consuming a number of calories that maintains your current weight or even causes a loss.

A few things to keep in mind about quick weight gain foods:

It is important that the foods you are eating to gain weight are nutritious, healthful sources. Junk foods will cause you to gain weight but will also cause possible adverse health effects. The 15 quick weight gain foods listed below contain essential nutrients needed to maintain healthy body functions, but are also of great aid for those trying to gain weight.

Keep in mind that consuming the foods below solely on their own will not cause noticeable weight gain. It is all about eating these foods in conjunction with other nutrient and calorie-dense foods to reach an excess of calories – a caloric surplus. These foods will help to contribute to maintaining a caloric surplus.

Here are 15 quick weight gain foods to add in your diet:

quick weight gain foods
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Used in the preparation of numerous recipes, chicken is a convenient choice of quick weight gain foods. To start, it contains an abundant source of protein. In addition to trying to gain weight with your diet, exercising to build muscle mass is just as important. Protein and muscle go hand-in-hand. Protein helps to supply our muscles with various amino acids.

These amino acids that you can get from chicken, aid in muscle tissue repair and growth among other functions. Chicken naturally contains a higher number of calories, but this amount easily totals up to more with additional side foods.


While the majority of fruits are not known to promote weight gain, avocados can actually be of help. This fruit contains a high healthy fat content of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. In 1 cup of sliced avocado, you can get 234 calories. Combined with the healthy fats, add avocados to your smoothies or use it as a dip for a healthy source of calories to contribute to weight gain.


Just about any variation of nuts is going to be a highly beneficial snack if you are trying to gain weight. Aside from a generous calorie count, nuts are loaded with nutrients. Almonds provide a decent source of vitamin E and other antioxidants that can benefit your health in the long-run. These small edibles can add a boost of nourishment and help you to reach and maintain a caloric surplus.


Cooking oils serve as a base for many recipes. They can also serve as a surprising source of extra calories for weight gain. The healthy cooking oil, olive oil, can provide 119 calories per tablespoon. Another nutritious alternative is avocado oil. Avocado oil has around 124 calories per tablespoon. Use healthy cooking oils like these when preparing your meals as an additional source of calories.

quick weight gain foods


Kidney beans, and beans collectively, are nutrient-dense foods containing high amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals, and healthy carbohydrates. When cooked, kidney beans can provide around 218 calories. From these 218 calories, you are getting 17 grams of muscle-building proteins, and an excellent source of iron. Iron helps with blood and oxygen flow throughout. Because of their nutrient density, kidney beans make a good choice of quick weight gain foods.


Have a bowl of oatmeal at breakfast or add oats to your smoothies for a healthful source of nutrition. While not as abundant in calories, oats provide a beneficial concentration of protein to provide a helpful boost of nourishment to your muscles. Additionally, oats contain a lot of essential minerals needed in our diet – magnesium, potassium, zinc, and more.


Eggs serve as a direct source of protein that can aid in muscle development, making them a favored choice of foods for bodybuilders. You can use eggs as quick weight gain foods with your breakfast. Use them in higher calorie omelets or add a side of other nutritious foods like fruits. Any of which will contribute to maintaining a caloric surplus and provide a healthy foundation for gains in muscle mass.


Aside from the health benefits yogurt provides, it makes the list for quick weight gain foods because it can be used in multiple recipes as a nutrient-dense source of calories. Add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to yogurt for an additional 70 calories. Try yogurt parfaits with granola toppings for even more. In addition to this, Greek yogurt in particular contains a good serving of protein, over 10 grams in one container, depending on the brand.

quick weight gain foods


Another source of extra calories for weight gain can come from salad dressings. In one serving of ranch dressing you can get around 145 calories. You can receive a decent number of calories and nutrients from your salads, with dressings to top it off.


Salmon is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids provide many health benefits like lowering the risk of certain diseases and the promotion of good cardiovascular health. Salmon also contains a good amount of omega-6 fatty acids which have been found to cause weight gain. To add, salmon is a great source of calories and protein.


Meats in general provide an abundance of protein and other much needed vitamins and minerals. Lean cut red meats have a larger portion of the fat content removed. Consuming lean cut red meats post-workout can help to replenish your muscles with much-needed proteins to aid in repair and growth.


A good source of energy-providing carbohydrates, potatoes make for healthful quick weight gain foods. Proteins are key to growth in muscle mass, however carbs are just as important. They provide our muscles with sources of reusable energy to help promote recovery. Potatoes can also be used in high-calorie meals, especially with added toppings.

quick weight gain foods


Since many of us tend to grab more than one bowl of pasta at dinner, the number of calories adds up easily. In addition, pasta can be used in a variety of high-calorie recipes with the right toppings – meats, cheeses, etc. This can total up to a decent number of calories. Whole wheat pasta provides necessary energizing healthy carbohydrates, and other vitamins and minerals. This choice of quick weight gain foods contains essential minerals like magnesium that also help to increase energy levels, and aid in bone health.


These small edibles are packed with nutrients. Raisins can provide you with natural sugars that help to restore energy. In addition to this, raisins contain B vitamins that help to promote good immune system health. One cup of raisins has 494 calories, and the small boxes around 130. Add raisins to smoothies or breakfast parfaits.


Weight gain shakes and protein bars are two quick weight gain foods that can help you to gain weight faster, yet healthily. Add nutrient-dense edibles and blend for homemade smoothies with hundreds of calories. Protein bars provide a quick delivery of quality proteins, making for a good pre or post-workout snack.


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