10 Good Foods to Add to Weight Gain Smoothies

Making your own smoothies can be a tasty and favorable way to supplement extra calories for weight gain. Having a fast metabolism or a lack of appetite can make it a bit more difficult for those who want to gain a few extra pounds to do so. Weight gain smoothies consisting of nutrient-dense and calorie-denseweight gain smoothies edibles can help contribute to gaining weight the healthy way.

With the right foods, you can get hundreds and even thousands of calories creating your own weight gain smoothies. And all you need is a blender. Combining foods rich in nutrients and calories can help to maintain a caloric surplus needed to gain weight. Here are 10 choices of good foods you can add to your weight gain smoothies to gain weight quickly yet healthily:


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Add a tablespoon or two of chia seeds to your smoothies for weight gain. While two tablespoons of chia seeds contain around 140 calories, you are getting a densely packed source of nutrition from this small serving size. There are additionally many health benefits to adding chia seeds to your weight gain smoothies.

For one, chia seeds contain high amounts of much needed vitamins and minerals like zinc that can contribute to muscle development. From chia seeds you will also get a slight boost of quality protein and healthy carbs. To add, these seeds contain a good source of necessary omega-3 fatty acids, which have been found to improve certain areas of health throughout the body.

foods to add to weight gain smoothies


Avocados are already used in a variety of savory recipes, and they make a great addition to your weight gain smoothies. One whole avocado can supply around 300 calories. In addition to this, avocados consist of a higher amount of healthy fats (e.g. monounsaturated fats). This combination can benefit those who are trying to gain weight healthily with the aid of nourishing key vitamins and minerals. When blended with other nutrient-dense higher calorie edibles, you can get a plentiful number of calories to reach or maintain a surplus.


Blueberries are another beneficial food to add to your weight gain smoothies. Aside from serving as a sweet additive, these fruits are super-foods. Blueberries have been found to lower the risk of certain diseases, as well as improve certain aspects of cardiovascular health. Some of the healthful components from blueberries include vitamin C, potassium, and folate. This fruit will also provide you with a natural form of sugars that are converted to energy.

foods to add to weight gain smoothies


Any variation of nuts will be of great help when added to your weight gain smoothies. Per one half cup of sliced almonds, you can add around 250+ calories. Aside from being calorie-dense, these additions are nutrient-dense as well. Walnuts for example, provide a good portion of healthy fats and protein. You can get a good boost of both protein and healthy carbohydrates to provide yourself and your muscles with much-needed nourishment.


While any type of yogurt can make for a healthy snack, Greek yogurt will provide your weight gain smoothies with a generous amount of protein. In one container of Greek yogurt, you can get over 15 grams of protein, depending on the brand. There is also a good volume of calcium and vitamins B-12 found in Greek yogurt which can supply various health benefits.

foods to add to weight gain smoothies


Oats used in oatmeal make for a healthful energizing breakfast, and those same perks apply when added to your smoothies for weight gain. This whole grain has a favorable natural source of protein and other essential minerals. Some of those minerals include iron, magnesium, and vitamin B-6. Oats are also a high source of fiber which can aid in the promotion of digestive betterment.

You can either soak the oats beforehand, or place the oats in a blender and mix to get them softened to add a smoother consistency to your smoothie.


Milk can actually make a better choice of liquids to mix in with your weight gain smoothies or other weight gain supplements compared to water. This fix is an easy way to get an extra boost of calories since milk contains more calories. Plus, you are getting a good source of calcium to help maintain good bone health.

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Adding a tablespoon or two of peanut butter to your weight gain smoothies will help to add a savory taste, but still provide some nutritional benefit in the process. Peanut butter is another additive that contains a good amount of healthy fats. In addition, there is a helpful amount of protein you can get from peanut butter. A good source of magnesium is also present, that is used by the body in the maintenance of certain body functions.


Raisins are nutrient-packed yet small edibles that make a good choice of foods to add to weight gain smoothies. Dried fruits like these, preserve many of their sources natural nutrients and can provide multiple health benefits. Raisins are a high calorie additive, with one fourth of a cup containing nearly 110 calories. These edibles will additionally provide energizing carbohydrates. But be mindful that dried fruits can sometimes contain higher amounts of added sugars as well though.

foods to add to weight gain smoothies


To gain weight, you are going to need an adequate consumption of protein to aid in building muscle mass. Exercising, in addition to a high-protein diet, will help you to build muscle and thus increase your overall body weight. Protein powders can provide you with a direct delivery of high quality protein. Do strength-based exercises to help tone and shape where the gained weight goes. Flavorless protein powders are a bonus to add to your weight gain smoothies. These additives supply an ample amount of protein while avoiding an unpleasant taste.

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