The Healthiest and Fastest Way to Build Muscle for Women

Muscles are comprised of fibrous, flexible tissues and there are nearly 700 in the human body. Many women may seek to increase their muscle mass for fitness competitions, health relations, or just as a matter of personal preference. Muscle growth is one of the largest segments in the health and fitness industry. There are an abundance of programs, supplements, and other gimmicks aimed at helping individuals to build muscle. While these can all promote muscle growth, coming up with your own regimen that best suits your lifestyle is possible.

Here is the healthiest and fastest way to build muscle for women:

fastest way to build muscle for women
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1. Have a strong foundation

The healthiest and fastest way to build muscle for women is to first and foremost have a strong foundation. Having a strong foundation means making sure your muscles have the nourishment they need to grow. Without an adequate amount of nutrition, especially protein, your muscles will have difficulty developing and even lose mass.

Keeping your body hydrated is important as well. Water helps to transport much-needed nutrients and keeps our joints flexible among other purposes. Dehydration can lead to muscle cramps and/or strains. Good health starts from within, so if you want lasting results on the outside, make sure you are taking care of the inside. Keeping your body hydrated and meeting your dietary requirements will ensure you have a healthy foundation for faster muscle growth.

2. Protein is important but don’t forget your carbohydrates

Proteins are made of amino acids and are used to carry out multiple processes in the body. Amino acids are also a necessity for muscle growth and development. They assist in muscle tissue repair which ultimately leads to faster growth. Seafood, almonds, and beans, are just a few examples of high-protein foods.

Carbohydrates are also an important source of nutrition for muscle growth. Carbs tend to get viewed in a negative light though – mainly as unhealthy sugars. However, there are actually many healthy carbohydrates that are beneficial not only for your well-being but for muscle growth as well. They contain forms of natural sugars, such as glucose, that are used to restore energy. Some healthy carbohydrates include potatoes, whole-wheat foods, quinoa, and many more.

Incorporating foods like these into your diet helps to provide a boost of energy for more efficiency when exercising. Protein in combination with healthy carbohydrates is another one of the fastest ways to build muscle for women.

3. Your post / pre-workout foods make a difference fastest way to build muscle for women

After completing a workout or any form of exercise, our muscles get tiny fibrous tears. The amino acids found in protein help to repair these tears and rejuvenate your muscles. This is why your meal choice post-workout can really make a difference. Protein supplements can be very helpful in filling this void after a workout. They are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, including healthy carbohydrates to restore energy and are one of the fastest ways to build muscle for women.

What you consume before a workout is just as important. You want to make sure that you are eating a healthful meal or supplement that contains an adequate amount of healthy carbohydrates and protein. Fruits or vegetables are a good choice because they are nutrient-dense and not too “heavy” to where you’d get queasy with movement. Your choice for pre-workout meals will help to keep you energized and alleviate muscle fatigue. This will lead to faster muscle recovery and thus faster growth.

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4. Weight gain supplements are worth the try

As previously mentioned, supplements are a popular choice among those seeking the fastest ways to build muscle. They are rich in protein, healthy carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals. This combination serves as a direct and quick boost of nourishment for your muscles and helps to further aid in muscle growth. Supplements can come in the form of shakes, powders, pills, or bars. Supplements are also very convenient to travel with while on the go. You can receive a decent serving of essential nutrients to help your muscles, any time of day.

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5. The fastest way to build muscle for women is to make your workouts count

The fastest way to build muscle is through exercise, specifically strength exercises. Strength-training exercises allow for compounded growth. Compounded growth ensures you are gaining mass at a steady pace. If you are just starting out, start with lower intervals and lighter weights. As you become more intermediate, gradually increase your weight load and repetitions. Strength exercises include bicep/triceps curls, squats, dead-lifts, and more. These types of exercises are one of the fastest ways to build muscle, as your muscles are being constantly challenged.

Making your workouts count include taking full advantage of your time. It helps to come up with a routine and set goals for yourself. The heavier weights you lift and the more exercise you do, results are sure to follow. Also, make sure you aren’t neglecting other areas of muscle – like forgetting “leg day”. Utilizing the majority of your muscles while working out will pay off in the long run as far as your health and your results.

fastest way to build muscle for women6. Resist muscle fatigue

While there are benefits to heavy training, try not to overwork yourself. There are varied causes of muscle fatigue, however excessive exercise is one of the main culprits. Muscle fatigue is where your muscles can no longer contract at their full potential. Excessive physical activity can cause further strain and tear on your muscles. This can be detrimental to your overall progress for muscle growth.

Giving yourself rest days in between your workouts and gradually increasing your weight load will ensure healthier muscle growth. Some ways to prevent muscle fatigue include always staying hydrated, and stretching before exercise.

7. Rest days really help

Coming up with a routine and setting certain days out of the week to exercise can be very beneficial. In between the days when you do workout, be sure to add a rest day. Rest days allow your muscles time to bulk and repair. In fact, rest days are essential to healthy muscle growth. Otherwise, you could be promoting muscle fatigue and stress on the body. Additionally, when you are not working out be sure you are still consuming foods high in protein, healthy carbs, and vitamins and minerals. By doing so will maximize your results for faster compounded muscle growth.


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