10 Ideas for Healthy Weight Gain Snacks

The healthy way to gain weight is with the aid of nutrient-rich foods. These foods will help contribute to maintaining a caloric surplus, as well as provide your body with the proper nourishment to build muscle mass and thus increase your overall body weight.

A consistent caloric surplus where you are consuming more calories than those burned off is needed to gain weight. The options of healthy weight gain snacks in this list consist of nutrient-dense foods that can contribute to maintaining a surplus of calories. To note, eating these snacks solely alone will not cause noticeable weight gain. However, these snacks in addition to other nutrient-rich and higher calorie foods will help to reach a consistent caloric surplus needed to gain weight.

Here are 10 healthy weight gain snack ideas to try out in your spare time:

healthy weight gain snacks
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**Disclaimer: Calorie numbers may not be exact. Serving size, added toppings, and brand, can all impact total calorie count. 

1) Guacamole with whole wheat tortilla chips

Avocados by themselves provide a decent number of calories, up to 300+ depending on the preparation. This fruit can be prepared in a variety of ways and used in numerous recipes. When used to make guacamole, you can get a good source of extra calories for weight gain and healthy fats from the mashed avocado. The side of whole wheat tortilla chips and multiple servings can contribute to increasing your overall calorie count from this option of weight gain snacks.

2) Hummus and pita chips with a side of carrots

Hummus is created with the use of chickpeas and other additives. Chickpeas are nutrient-dense and protein-dense edibles that provide a boost of nourishment. Consume this choice of healthy snacks with a side of pita chips for some added calories, and carrots for even more nutritious benefit.

healthy weight gain snacks

3) Raisins

Raisins are a nutrient-packed choice of healthy weight gain snacks. In one small box of raisins you can get around 130 calories. With dried fruits like raisins though, the sugar content can get high depending on the brand so consume this snack in moderation. You can add raisins to yogurts, smoothies, etc. for a source of additional calories. There are various health benefits to raisins, some of which include the promotion of good digestive health.

4) Granola + yogurt

Granola is another higher calorie nutritious food addition. It makes for a sweet and healthy option of weight gain snacks when added to yogurt or smoothie bowls. Granola can consist of oats, dried fruits, nuts, etc. This combination can provide a lot of nutrients and a good number of calories, especially when mixed with yogurt. You can also create your own smoothie bowl with fruit to top it off to create a tasty option of snacks for weight gain.

healthy weight gain snacks

5) Nuts

Nuts like pecans, walnuts, almonds, etc. can be very beneficial snacks for weight gain. These small edibles not only have a high calorie content, but you can also get a generous serving of protein, healthy fats, and necessary vitamins and minerals. The protein content from nuts can aid in muscle growth and repair with the delivery of certain amino acids in addition to other key nutrients. Grab a handful from time to time to snack on for a quick boost of calories.

6) DIY weight gain smoothie

Making your own smoothies with healthy high-calorie edibles can be a favorable way to gain weight. Simply add a variety of tasty, nutrient-dense edibles and blend them together for a quick delivery of nourishment and calories. With the right additives, you can get hundreds and even up to a thousand calories from your own weight gain smoothies. This choice of snacks for weight gain can easily contribute to maintaining a caloric surplus. Of course, there are pre-made high calorie weight gain shakes and supplements available as well.

healthy weight gain snacks

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7) Greek yogurt with chia seeds

Another source of protein that can be beneficial for increasing muscle mass is Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt provides different health benefits too. This addition contains natural probiotics that aid in digestive health, along with a generous amount of vitamin B-12 that is needed by the body for various functions. Chia seeds are also tiny edibles packed with nutrition and benefits. Mix them in with Greek yogurt for a combination of essential vitamins and minerals to aid in gaining weight the healthy way.

8) Peanut butter apple slices

Peanuts and peanut butter can be a good source of protein and calories. With just two tablespoons of peanut butter, you can get around eight grams of protein. Peanut butter additionally has a high healthy fat content. So, adding peanut butter to apple slices or other edibles can be a favorable option of healthy weight gain snacks.

snacks for weight gain

9) Protein bar

Grab a protein bar for your pre or post-workout refreshment to provide your muscles with a boost of essential nutrients to aid in muscle repair and development. Building muscle mass through strength exercises will help to increase your overall body weight. Protein bars can aid in the muscle building process, making them an advantageous option of snacks for weight gain.

10) Salad with high calorie toppings

One way to get an additional number of calories with your meals for weight gain, is to add the extra toppings and condiments when possible. Salad dressings are just one example of food toppings that can provide a surprising boost of calories. One tablespoon of ranch dressing for example, can provide over 70 calories. So, next time you are craving a salad, add the dressings, croutons, and / or meats for a high calorie choice of healthy weight gain snacks.

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