How to Gain Weight in 2020

Getting in shape is on many people’s list of new years resolutions. For some, gaining weight in the effort to attain a more curvier figure and toned muscles is their goal. Regardless, achieving your 2020 health and fitness goals can be done with a good plan and consistency. Here is how to gain weight in 2020:

how to gain weight in 2020
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To achieve any health and fitness goal you may have, it is important that you have a plan in mind on how you are going to reach your goal. If your goal is to gain weight, be specific. Do you want to gain five pounds or perhaps ten? What is your total weight goal? Being specific about your goal as well as having a plan in mind when it comes to how to gain weight in 2020 can help you better adjust your diet and exercise habits.

Your necessary calorie intake can also be better tweaked when you have a specific weight gain goal in mind. Writing out your goal(s) along with a plan will help you better stay on track. Within your plan, detail how you will reach your goal – how frequently will you exercise, what your diet will consist of, etc., etc. You can even download a calorie tracker app or fitness diary app to record your progress.


how to gain weight in 2020
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In order to gain weight, you are going to have to consume more calories than you burn off. This is also known as maintaining a calorie surplus. So, while it is important that your meals are calorie-dense, it is even more crucial that you are consuming primarily nutrient-dense meals. A nutrient-dense meal should supply you with a variety of key nutrients like vitamins and minerals sourced from healthful foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, etc.

Healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats, along with protein, are a few other essential nutrients you should account for in your diet. Speaking with a professional nutritionist / dietitian could help you come up with a more thorough meal plan.


Even in the effort to gain weight, exercise is still essential. Exercise can be of great benefit not only for your overall health but also when it comes to trying to gain weight. You can build muscle mass by working out and in turn increase your overall body weight. Gaining weight through exercise does not always require that you go to a gym. Weight gain, with the help of muscle-building exercises, can also be achieved right at home. Strength-based exercises are your best bet when seeking how to gain weight in 2020.

Strength-based exercises make use of various muscles and help to efficiently build and tone muscle mass. For example, squats are a type of strength exercise that target and tone the lower body muscles (e.g. thighs, glutes, calves, etc.) and in turn increase your body mass. A few other helpful exercises that can aid in weight gain include lunges, leg lifts, biceps curls, and more. Consistency is key. Come up with a regular workout routine to do throughout the week. It is also important to note that increasing your repetitions and / or weight load as you progress will help to further advance your results.

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how to gain weight in 2020
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If you find it difficult to maintain a calorie surplus in your diet or don’t always have a big appetite, weight gain supplements can be of great benefit when seeking how to gain weight in 2020. Weight gain supplements come in various forms like made-to-blend powders, pills, and shakes to name a few. These supplements may supply hundreds or even thousands of calories along with other differing nutrients like protein. Weight gain supplements can help to accelerate the process and keep you at a consistent caloric surplus.


If you don’t want to try commercial weight gain supplements, you can always try making your own tasty weight gain smoothie or shake. Combine a mixture of nutrient-dense edibles such as nuts, seeds, fruits, etc., to form a high-calorie, savory shake right at home.

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