How to Gain Weight When You Have a Fast Metabolism

Your metabolism is the process in which nutrients from foods are broken down and turned into energy. The rate your body completes this process varies from person to person. For women who have a fast metabolism and want to gain weight, it can sometimes become a hurdle. Luckily, there are some ways to maneuver around this.

Here is how to gain weight when you have a fast metabolism:

how to gain weight when you have a fast metabolism

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Eat a surplus of calories

In order for anyone to gain weight, you are going to have to be consistently consuming more calories than you burn off. An extra 300-500 calories more than your recommended daily calorie consumption will allow for a few extra pounds to be gained. For those with fast metabolisms though, you are going to want to lean towards the higher spectrum of extra calories to consume.

Protein is going to be a very beneficial food source when trying to gain weight. This is because protein contains certain amino acids that help to aid in muscle growth and development among other functions. This benefits your workouts and allows for a further increase in body mass.

Also, keep in mind that it is important to primarily consume healthy nutrient-dense foods, as opposed to junk foods when trying to gain weight. Junk foods will cause an acceleration of fat accumulation in undesired areas and potentially lead to adverse health effects.

Try to eat at least 3 meals per day and snack throughout the day

Trying to consume as many calories as possible when seeking to gain weight can become demanding, especially if you don’t have the appetite. Come up with a routine of eating at least 3 calorie-dense meals a day, and a few snacks in between. Beneficial high-calorie snacks include raisins, nuts, and homemade smoothies. You can even try eating 5 smaller meals a day – whatever works best for your appetite.

Nutrient-dense foods with a higher calorie content such as potatoes, beans, etc., will not only give you a boost of extra calories, but will provide a plentiful amount of nutrients in the process. Incorporating more high-calorie foods into your diet will help to maintain a caloric surplus even with a fast metabolism.

Make use of weight gain supplements

If you find it difficult to get enough calories and/or protein into your diet, weight gain supplements are definitely worth a try. There are so many different kinds available including various flavors. Weight gain supplements can come in the form of powders, pills, shakes, or snack bars. Many are packed with calories, protein, and other vitamins and minerals.

Having a fast metabolism can make it more difficult to retain calories, so having a supplement as a backup will make trying to gain weight much easier.

Do more strength training as opposed to cardiohow to gain weight when you have a fast metabolism

Strength-based exercises focus primarily on building and toning muscle mass through resistance and compounded exercises. These types of exercises are highly beneficial for those who want to gain weight. Gaining weight through just your diet, especially with a fast metabolism, could take a prolonged amount of time.

So, it is important that are exercising to build muscle mass to help contribute to your overall gains in body mass. Strength exercises include squats, weight lifts, pull-ups, etc. Cardio consists of endurance-type exercises and could cause an excess of calories to be burned off, which is counteractive when trying to gain weight. While it is okay and healthy to do cardio every so often, for those who want to gain weight, strength training will be more effective and gainful.

Take it slow

Gaining weight must be approached in a proportionate manner, much like with weight loss. It is especially important that you approach weight gain at a steady pace if you have a fast metabolism. This means not rushing the process or amount of weight you put on too quickly. The gained weight can be lost just as fast if not maintained with exercise and a consistent caloric surplus.

Aiming for 0.5 pounds gained per week is a healthy, steady start. Additionally, you can try using a health & fitness progress tracker. This will help you to keep track of your progress and calories, which can make the journey much easier.


What has helped you to “combat” your fast metabolism when trying to gain weight?



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