How to Gain Weight with Exercise

Regular exercise is highly beneficial for your overall health. If you want to gain weight, exercise can also be an advantageous and effective way of doing so. In addition to a variety of nutrient-dense, high-calorie foods that can help you gain weight, there are also an array of different exercises you can implement into your workout routine that may encourage weight gain in the form of muscle growth. Listed below is how to gain weight with exercise in more detail.

how to gain weight with exercise
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1) Make sure you are getting enough protein in your diet

Before, during, and after your workouts, you want to make sure that you are getting enough protein in your diet. Protein is a vital nutrient. It is used in the upkeep of various body functions. Additionally, protein aids in the growth and development of muscles which can benefit you in your effort to gain weight.

High-protein foods such as beans, quinoa, meats, etc., can help to boost your results from your workouts and ease muscle recovery. Furthermore, many high-protein foods are also high in calories and may make it easier to maintain a caloric surplus that is needed in order to gain weight.

2) Come up with a workout routine

how to gain weight with exercise
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Following a workout routine, including a routine set of exercises and / or days you choose to exercise on, can help you stay consistent and see more progress with your results for weight gain. Simply select a few days out of the week to exercise and try to stick with it. In addition, choose a couple of exercises to do consistently to help compound your muscle growth and further advance your results.

3) Incorporate various targeted strength exercises into your workout routine

To effectively and efficiently gain weight with exercise, the particular exercises you choose to do can play an important part. There are different types and categories of exercise. Strength-based exercises target various areas of muscle and help to increase your overall body weight in the form of muscle gains. Strength-based exercises are a highly beneficial category of exercise if you want to gain weight, specifically in comparison with cardio.

Some examples of strength exercises that may help to encourage weight gain in the form of muscle include various squat forms, lunges, dumbbell exercises, and more.

how to gain weight with exercise
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4) Gradually increase your weight load and number of repetitions as you progress

An increase in your calorie intake as well as a regular workout routine will help to encourage weight gain. However, to maintain your gained weight and / or to further advance your results, it is key that you gradually increase your weight load and number of repetitions during your workouts as you progress. By doing so will help to further expand your muscle growth and thus increase your overall body mass.

Start off at a comfortable, steady pace and then begin to slowly challenge yourself more and more. For example, if you normally do 20 squat repetitions just starting out, add to this number and try to do 25 the next week, then 30, etc., – whatever suits your lifestyle.

5) Stay consistent and patient

To see results with any goal, consistency is key. When trying to gain weight, results aren’t going to be seen overnight. So, it is important that you stay consistent with your efforts to gain weight, as well as patient. To help you stay on track and consistent, try downloading a health and fitness tracker app to record your calorie intake and exercise habits. Also, taking photos of your progress may help to keep you motivated to reach your ultimate fitness goal.

BONUS: Consider weight gain supplements

how to gain weight
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Weight gain supplements come in differing forms such as pre-made shakes, powders, and pills. They encourage weight gain as they often provide a plentiful number of calories and other nutrients. When seeking how to gain weight with exercise, using a weight gain supplement while working out can help to accelerate your results.

Many of these weight gain supplements contain a generous amount of protein which can aid in promoting muscle growth when exercising. You can even make your own weight gain shake or smoothie right at home using your choice of nutrient-dense edibles.

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