How to Get a Small Waist and Wide Hips? Yes, It’s Possible:

Women who desire a more curvaceous figure may inquire how to get a small waist and wide hips. While no specific body type or image is perfect or more ideal, we should all feel confident and have the right to prefer our own desired look. A slim waist and widened hips can be attained through exercise, diet, and consistency. However, genetics do play a role.

Is it actually possible to widen the hips?

There is a common misconception about whether or not one can naturally widen their hips. The anatomy of the hips is formed of a socket-type joint and is a key part of the skeletal structure. What gives the appearance of wider hips is typically through exercises that slim the waist, or some form of cosmetic surgery. But, wider hips can in fact be achieved through targeted exercises as well.

The hip muscles and those that surround it can be built upon, helping to give the appearance of wider hips, much like with the shoulder muscles that are of a similar socket-type joint. Genetics can play a factor though. For women who have more slender hips, it will require a bit more work compared to those who have a natural wide-set hip structure. It is not possible to change the hip structure; However, it is possible to build muscle surrounding the hips.

Here is how to get a small waist and wide hips, healthily and naturally:

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When trying to attain a smaller waist, you want to avoid foods that tend to “stick” to the waistline and stomach. Foods that stick and ones to avoid are of course, junk foods and other foods alike. Unhealthy carbohydrates from junk foods come in the form of added sugars that are not used in the benefit of the body. Instead, these added sugars tend to deposit in different parts of the body in the form of fat.

How to get a small waist and wide hips – you are going to want to aim for healthful foods that provide you with a generous nutritional content consisting of protein, healthy carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and other key nutrients. These nutrients will help come time to tone and shape the abdomen area as well as build muscle surrounding the hips.

Examples of good foods to eat for a smaller waist include:


Nuts are a healthy snack choice that provide multiple nutritional benefits. They are small yet nutrient-packed edibles that contain high amounts of protein and healthy fats. This helps contribute to setting a healthy foundation for muscle growth at the hips and when toning the abdomen area.

how to get a small waist and wide hips

Chia seeds, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds are just a few examples of healthy seeds to incorporate into your meals. These small edibles provide a load of benefits and nutrients all in a small size. Add chia seeds to yogurt or smoothies. Sunflower seeds of course can be consumed as-is, and sesame seeds can be added to numerous recipes.


Quinoa is a super-food that is high in protein and other vitamins and minerals. It is another versatile dish that will satisfy you with an array of nutrients, and can provide a fulfilled energized feeling.


In mention of smoothies, this is another great source of nutrition that can help with attaining a smaller waist as it is in liquid form. You can add a selection of healthy edibles all in one, that can be of great benefit to your health. Add high protein sources like a protein powder, oats, or seeds, that can give your muscles a boost of nourishment.

how to get a small waist and wide hips

This fruit can be used in a variety of recipes. Avocado is a good source of nutrition as it consist of certain healthy fats and other key vitamins and minerals. The nutrients derived from avocado help to improve digestion overtime which can aid in promoting a slimmer waistline and stomach area. The fruit’s natural source of carbohydrates is additionally utilized by the body and turned into energy, benefiting your workouts.


How to get a small waist and wide hips is going to be through targeted exercises. You can trim and tone the waistline with cardio and/or strength exercises. These targeted abdominal exercises will also help to maintain gained muscle mass in the hips.

Here are some effective exercises for how to get a small waist:

1) Russian Twist

With your legs bent at the knees, either lifted off the ground or placed flat, extend your arms outwards. Then, with a dumbbell or other weight, twist your core to either side, keeping your legs in place.

2) Side Plank

Place your hand or elbow on a comfortable surface like an exercise mat, with the rest of your body extended straightforward on your side. Then, extend the opposite arm upwards holding your upper body in place. Switch arms and repeat on each side.

how to get a small waist and wide hips
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3) Lying Side Crunch

There are different ways to do this small waist exercise. One way is to lie on your right side with your right arm extended and flat on the surface. Place your other arm over/behind your head. In a crunch-like motion, lift to the side on your waist, keeping your body in place. With your legs bent at the knees, lift them upwards towards you like a usual ab crunch. Switch to your other side and repeat.

4) Knee to Elbow Crunches

Start off on your backside like you would with a regular ab crunch. This time you will extend your knee to your elbow, careful to center your strength in your abdomen area. Repeat on each side.

how to get a small waist and wide hips
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5) Standing Side Bend w/ Dumbbells

With your own choice of weights, stand shoulder width apart. Keep your arms upright with your dumbbells, and bend to each side, keeping your abs tightened.


For wider hips, exercises targeting primarily the glutes and quadriceps will pay off for how to get a small waist and wide hips. This will increase mass in the lower body and hip area, helping to create the appearance of wider-set hips. A high protein intake as well as increasing your weight load and/or repetitions as you progress, is additionally going to aid in promoting muscle growth and lead to wider hips.

Here are some exercises you can do for wider hips:

1) Hip Bridges

Start by lying on your back with your feet placed flat at hip-width apart. With your legs extended slightly outwards, lift the hips with repeated repetitions.

2) Side Hip Abduction

Lie on one side of your body with your head rested in the palm of your hand. Keep your other arm rested in front of you. Then, with your legs both extended straightforward, lift the top leg upright as far as you can safely extend. Be sure to keep your hips straight and body sturdy. Repeat your desired number of repetitions and then switch to the other side.

how to get a small waist and wide hips
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3) Squats

Any variation of squats will help with how to get a small waist and wide hips. With your feet placed slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, bend down at the knees, careful to keep your back straight and your knees not extended past your feet.

4) Side lunges

Begin by standing straight-up. Step and lean on one leg towards your right side, keeping your knee bent and opposite leg extended. Then switch to the opposite leg, doing your lunges in repetitions.

how to get a small waist and wide hips
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5) Plank Hip twists

Begin by lying straight on your elbows, and the toes of your feet flat on the surface with your body not bent. Then use the soles of your feet to twist your hips/torso area to each side almost touching the surface, still lying on your elbows.


  • Try protein shakes

When trying to build muscle mass, a higher protein intake is especially essential. Protein shakes make a good choice for those looking for how to get a slim waist and wide hips. They supply your body with a generous source of nutrition to promote healthy muscle growth, without promoting the acceleration of fat gain in the abdomen area.

  • Avoid unhealthy carbs

Added sugars from unhealthy carbohydrates like fries, sodas, and other sweets, can lead to unhealthy fats to be stored in different parts of the body, one of which commonly being the stomach area. If you are trying to get a slim waist, avoid foods with added sugars (fast food, junk foods, etc.). Good carbs to add in your diet for a slim waist include more fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, and yogurt.

how to get a small waist and wide hips
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  • Targeted strength-based exercises 

As stated earlier, one of the fastest ways in how to get a small waist and wide hips, is through targeted strength exercises. The intensity of certain cardio exercises in comparison with strength exercises, can cause excess calories to be lost, which can be counteractive when trying to build muscle mass at the hips. However, targeted cardio exercises limited to the abdomen can be an efficient way to slim the waist.

Aim for abdominal exercises that specifically tighten and tone the waistline. These types of exercises will not cause mass to be lost in the hips. For your hips, strength-based exercises that help to build the glutes and thigh muscles will help to give the appearance of wider set hips. Use resistance bands to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

With tips for how to get a small waist and wide hips, here are some of the best strength exercises for women that can also help:

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