How to Get Thicker Thighs for Women

For a more curvaceous figure, one may seek how to get thicker thighs. Those who are trying to build muscle mass and maintain a healthy lifestyle may inquire this as well. How to get thicker thighs is going to come primarily from your diet and exercise habits. While the focus is increasing mass in the thighs, it is important that you are still exercising other areas of your body as well.

Protein is an essential when trying to build muscle. In addition, since we are trying to increase muscle mass in the thighs, strength-based exercises should be your aim. These compound exercises can lead to exponential muscle growth as you gradually increase your weight load and repetitions.

Here is how to get thicker thighs for women:

how to get thicker thighs for women
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Your diet is at the start of the foundation for how to get thicker thighs. To reiterate, a higher protein consumption is key. Your body uses protein in the process of different bodily functions. For our muscles though, protein consists of necessary amino acids that help to repair muscle tissues that ultimately leads to healthy growth in mass. Make sure you are getting an adequate amount of protein in your diet, but not too much of an excessive amount that can otherwise cause possible negative side effects. In addition to increasing your protein consumption to get thicker thighs, carbohydrates play an important part as well. Healthy carbohydrates help aid in muscle recovery and provide you with natural sources of energy to fuel your workouts.

how to get thicker thighs

While it is not entirely necessary but certainly helpful, your diet should consist of a surplus of calories when seeking how to get thicker thighs. Since you are going to be exercising to build mass in the thighs, this will cause you to burn some calories. If you burn an excess of calories, it can cause a loss in mass which is counteractive when trying to increase mass and get thicker thighs.

This doesn’t mean you have to consume an astounding 5,000 calories per day. There are calorie calculators available that will tell you your recommended daily calorie consumption. A good start is to consume 300-500 more calories than the recommended number to equal a surplus.

Here are some good foods to eat when trying to get thicker thighs:

1) Potatoes:

Potatoes are a healthy source of carbohydrates, and calories with the right toppings. In addition to this, potatoes are rich in essential vitamins and minerals which can be partially attributed to the potato skin. This combination of healthful nutrition will aid in providing a good foundation to get thicker thighs through exercise and help with muscle recovery.

how to get thicker thighs

2) Salmon:

Salmon contains a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids that can benefit the body in many different areas of health. There is also a generous amount of protein you can get from salmon that will help with muscle growth and development for the thighs. Salmon additionally contains less saturated fats in comparison with red and white meats, making it a healthier option.

3) Protein shakes:

Another way to get a quick delivery of high-quality protein to aid in increasing muscle mass in the thighs, is with the help of protein shakes. You can either make your own protein shake with the use of nutritious edibles or add a protein powder to liquids.

4) Quinoa:

The reason why quinoa is a good choice of foods when seeking how to get thicker thighs, is because it is a complete protein food. Complete protein foods contain all nine necessary amino acids we need in our diet. This composition ensures your muscles are getting a complete and quality delivery of nourishment to aid in growth and repair.

how to get thicker thighs for women

5) Brown rice:

Brown rice is an additional choice of healthy energizing carbohydrates. You can also get a helpful number of calories from brown rice with the right recipes if desired. It makes a good option of a post-workout meal, to aid in muscle and energy replenishment. To name, you will get a beneficial amount of vitamin B-6 and magnesium from brown rice as well.


The muscles in the thighs most notably consist of the quadriceps and hamstrings, however you are also going to work out your entire leg, so the calves and other key muscles will be utilized as well. While we are focusing on how to get thicker thighs, the exercises you do will help to proportionately increase muscle mass in your lower body area, such as the hips.

Strength-based exercises can provide much benefit for getting thicker thighs. Certain strength exercises when done with resistance bands, will further help to heighten the natural resistance of strength exercises, leading to exponential muscle growth. Also, to further compound muscle growth it is in good practice to increase your weight load as you progress and increase your repetitions.

Here are some good exercises to get thicker thighs:

1) Leg lifts:

You can do leg lifts in a variety of ways, each of which will help to increase muscle mass and create the appearance of thicker thighs. Begin lying on your backside on a comfortable surface and your legs placed straightforward. With your arms placed flat at your sides, simply raise both your legs slowly to where they almost face the ceiling. Hold in place for a bit, and then lower your legs back down.

how to get thicker thighs
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2) Squats:

Any variation of squat exercises is going to benefit the thigh muscles in addition to the hips, glutes, plus more. You can do regular body weight squats or may find more advantage with sumo squats that especially benefit the inner thigh muscles. Start with your feet angled outwards and placed wider than hip-width apart. Next, squat down careful not to bend below the knee as you maintain a straight posture.

3) Leg press:

This exercise involves the use of a leg press machine and is especially beneficial for how to get thicker thighs. It is a pretty straightforward machine, starting off in an almost seated position. You are going to place your feet on the plate and extend outwards and inwards at a steady pace. The leg press machine may vary depending on the model.

how to get thicker thighs

4) Wall sit:

This simple yet challenging exercise works multiple muscles, including the thigh muscles. It helps to increase your body strength and tone the muscles of the legs. Start by leaning your back against the wall, with your legs bent at an almost 90-degree angle. Hold this position for as long as you can.

5) Lunges:

There are also many variations of lunge exercises, all of which that can benefit the thigh muscles for thicker thighs. You’ll even find benefit with the simplest of lunge forms. Start standing straight up with your feet placed hip-width apart. With your posture kept straight, lean forward on your left leg with your knee bent at an almost 90-degree angle. Hold this position for a bit, and then switch to the opposite leg.


  • Aim for more muscle gain versus fat gain:

Simply just eating more can help increase your overall body weight, however, we cannot control where that gained weight goes. This is why it is a necessity to exercise when seeking how to get thicker thighs in order to tone and shape. Additionally, your diet should primarily consist of healthy foods, not junk foods, to aid in healthy muscle growth.

  • Use exercise equipment for efficient gains in mass:

As mentioned previously, there are certain types of exercise equipment that will make it much easier and efficient to build muscle mass. Use resistance bands with your workouts for thicker thighs for more challenge. The leg press machine is a piece of exercise equipment made specifically for the legs and is worth using at the gym.

  • Gradually increase your weight load and reps for maximum results:

To build muscle mass, it is important that you are gradually increasing your weight load and repetitions as you progress for the best results. This will further help to advance muscle growth. If we remain stationary in any area, we can expect other areas to remain the same as well if there is no progression or change.

how to get thicker thighs for women

  • Make sure your workout routine is proportionate:

Keeping your workouts proportionate means not neglecting other areas of your body when trying to get thicker thighs. Some people may only focus on their upper body and forget “leg day”. The same applies vice-versa. Exercising all areas of the body only benefits your health in the long-run.

  • Stay consistent:

In order to see results for how to get thicker thighs, staying consistent is a must. This means consuming a healthful diet with an adequate amount of protein and carbohydrates, in addition to a routine workout regimen. As you do so, steadfast results are a given.

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