The Pros and Cons of Weight Gain Supplements:

If you’re looking to gain weight, weight gain supplements have more than likely been a consideration. These supplements are formulated to produce faster results for weight gain and muscle growth. Additionally, they contain an abundance of nutrients and calories to provide your body with plenty of foundation for healthy gains in mass. It may sound all-good, but there are some factors to take into consideration and watch out for when it comes to what we are putting in our body.

Here are both the pros and cons of weight gain supplements:

pros and cons of weight gain supplements

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1) Makes it easier to maintain a caloric surplus

Weight gain can be seen with a consistent caloric surplus – retaining more calories than you burn off. Depending on various factors including your metabolic rate (metabolism), this caloric surplus can sometimes be difficult to reach, especially if you don’t have the appetite. Weight gain supplements help to fill in this gap. Many contain a good thousand calories or so, which can easily help you reach and maintain a caloric surplus. The more frequently you maintain a caloric surplus, the faster your results.

2) Excellent source of direct protein

If one of your goals of taking weight gainers is to build muscle mass, a higher protein intake is a must. The amino acids derived from proteins help aid in muscle repair and muscle growth among other functions. Weight gain supplements can serve as a source of high-quality proteins. Many of which are complete proteins, meaning they have all nine essential amino acids we must get from our diet.

3) Speeds up process of gaining weight / muscle mass

Much like with losing weight, gaining weight must also be approached in a healthy and balanced manner. It is not all going to happen overnight. However, weight gain supplements can definitely help speed up the process. They are supplying your body with an abundance of nutrients and calories needed for weight gain. Many have seen noticeable results with weight gainers within the first month or two.

4) Comes in a variety of forms to fit your lifestylepros and cons of weight gain supplements

Another one of the pros of weight gain supplements, is the variety of forms they come in. There are weight gain shakes that are already prepared, making for a faster and convenient delivery. Weight gain powders can be mixed in with water or milk and blended with other nutritious edibles for even more benefit.

Protein bars are an additional convenient choice for those looking to gain muscle mass. Regardless of if you’re busy and always on the go, or do heavy training, there is a supplement you can find to fit your lifestyle.

5) Comprised of other necessary vitamins and minerals

Aside from the high calorie and protein content, weight gain supplements typically contain a combination of other necessary vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and more. Carbohydrates help to replenish energy and goes hand in hand with protein delivery. Vitamins and minerals aid in the maintenance of other healthy body functions.


1) Can be expensive

One of the drawbacks about weight gain supplements can be the price tag. The expensive cost in combination with how many servings you get out of a supplement, can leave some feeling empty pocketed. Although there is truth to the saying “you get what you pay for”, there are plenty of weight gain supplements that are economical and still get the job done with healthier ingredients, like this one here.

pros and cons of weight gain supplements2) Some contain high amounts of added sugars

Alongside the high calorie and protein content, many weight gain supplements also contain high levels of carbohydrates. While most of these carbs are added to restore energy and aid in the delivery of proteins, some of them are unhealthy sugar additives.

Added or refined sugars are typically listed under the total carbohydrates as “sugars” or “sugar alcohols” depending on the type of supplement.

3) Possibility of side effects

Weight gain supplements can sometimes cause adverse side effects, particularly on the digestive system, and more specifically the kidneys and liver. Common side effects are bloating, stomach discomfort, and cramps. Additionally, if you do not consume enough water or maintain a nutritious diet while taking supplements with high amounts of protein, this can cause damage to the kidneys and liver.

4) Some of the ingredients aren’t as healthful

Unfortunately, weight gain supplements often come with artificial, processed, and/or non-organic ingredients. Some of these are even GMO, which is not good for the body. There are organic and GMO-free alternatives, like this whey protein from TGS. Just be sure to review the ingredients label with your weight gain supplements to be knowledgeable of what you are putting into your body.

pros and cons of weight gain supplements
The TGS Whey Protein contains all natural ingredients

5) Taste isn’t always that great

Let’s be honest, a lot of weight gain supplements and protein powders are sometimes hard to stomach. Especially if you have a lactose-intolerance or do not favor dairy, choices for weight gain supplements can be slim. To make a more appetizing supplement, try to find ones that are flavorless or simply add other nutrient-dense edibles into a blender with your supplement shake.


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