Top 10 Weight Gain Foods:

If you are seeking to gain weight, you should be maintaining a consistent surplus of calories in your diet. A caloric surplus is where you are retaining more calories than you burn off. To add to this, these calories should primarily come from nutrient-dense food sources as opposed to junk foods. Nutrient-dense foods consist of essential vitamins and minerals that can help set up a healthy foundation for gaining weight. Protein and carbohydrates are also a necessity in our diet and are just as important when it comes to trying to gain weight. The top 10 weight gain foods in this list consist of a variety of key nutrients including muscle-building proteins, energizing carbohydrates, and much-needed vitamins and minerals.

top 10 weight gain foods

With what to consider in mind, here are some of our choices for the top 10 weight gain foods (*based off 1 cup serving size):

1) Nuts

Nuts in general are highly condensed with nutrients. These small edibles can provide you with an array of health benefits, including the promotion of good heart and immune system health. Nuts make the list for the top 10 weight gain foods because of their copious calorie count in combination with their nutritional content.

To add, there are numerous recipes and snacks available online involving the mixture of various nuts, in case you don’t want to eat them in one sitting. Additionally, consuming nuts in your diet will give you a source of healthy fats.

top 10 weight gain foods

2) Oats / Oatmeal

Another healthy food that makes the list of the top 10 weight gain foods, are oats. Consuming a bowl of oatmeal on occasion can provide varying health benefits. Oats have a high nutritional content, consisting of many vitamins and minerals, including phosphorous and magnesium. These two nutrients are particularly beneficial when working out. Phosphorous aids in energy production, while magnesium promotes good bone health. Add this food to your breakfast meal ideas for weight gain and reap the benefits.

top 10 weight gain foods

3) Lean cut white / red meats

You can get a significant amount of protein and calories with the consumption of lean cut red and white meats. Lean cut meats have more of the excess fat content removed. Because of the numerous ways meats can be prepared, they make a convenient and highly effective way to easily pack on calories for those who are trying to gain weight. Consume them with a side of vegetables or whole wheat food for a nutritious meal.

top 10 weight gain foods

4) Avocados 

Used to create a variety of dishes, avocados also contain a significant number of calories and healthy fats, making it a tasty choice of the top 10 weight gain foods. Eat the fruit sliced, use it as a guacamole dip, or add it to a sandwich for extra calories. Not only is it tasty, but avocado is a nutrient-rich food. Avocados have been found to benefit our health in ways ranging from eyesight to bone health. You can also add these fruits to your own DIY weight gain smoothies.

top 10 weight gain foods

5) Quinoa

This gluten-free superfood can also be used in numerous recipes. Quinoa is not only a healthy source of calories, but it is a complete source of protein and contains all of the nine essential amino acids. It additionally features a healthy carbohydrate content, making this food a great choice of a pre or post-workout meal. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian looking for high-protein foods, quinoa is a great choice.

top 10 weight gain foods

6) Beans

Beans can be very beneficial for those trying to gain weight. Depending on preparation and the type of bean, you can get a plentiful number of calories. Add black beans to your meals with homemade burritos, chip dips, or soups. You can also get a considerable amount of protein from beans, and is one of the reasons why they make the list for the top 10 weight gain foods. The protein and carbohydrate content from beans provides an energizing source of nutrition, and a healthy foundation for weight gain and lean muscle mass.

top 10 weight gain foods

7) Raisins

Dried fruits tend to have a higher nutritional content. Raisins are no different, making these snacks great for weight gain with their high nutrient and caloric density. These edibles can serve as an additional source of calories to add as toppings to your meals – yogurts, salads, etc. This can easily help you reach a caloric surplus. Try to keep watch of how many you consume though, as dried fruits can sometimes contain higher levels of added sugars.

top 10 weight gain foods

8) Salmon

Another one of the top 10 weight gain foods is salmon. Salmon can be prepared in a range of tasty dishes and supplies an ample number of calories for those who want to gain weight quickly, yet healthily. This seafood is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids that can help in the prevention of certain diseases. Salmon additionally provides other health benefits, including neurological and heart betterment.

top 10 weight gain foods

9) Brown rice

Brown rice is typically a healthier alternative to white rice. This is because brown rice preserves the natural wheat germ and maintains more of the sources’ original nutritional content. It makes the list of the top 10 weight gain foods because it is a healthy source of energy-providing carbohydrates. You can add brown rice to a variety of meals, making it a convenient way to gain weight healthily. A caloric surplus is essential to weight gain, and brown rice is a beneficial food that can help.

top 10 weight gain foods

10) Potatoes

Finishing off the list of the top 10 weight gain foods, are potatoes. Any type of potato is good for gaining weight, as you can add a variety of toppings for extra calories. The skin of the potato contains a lot of the food’s nutrients, including iron, potassium, and vitamin C. Potatoes are complex carbohydrates, meaning they contain natural, reusable sources of energy for the body. You can easily total up more calories with eating more than 1 potato, and adding toppings.

top 10 weight gain foods


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