Top 5 Best Weight Gain Supplements for Women

For women who want to gain weight and/or struggle to, supplements can be of great benefit. The best weight gain supplements for women are filled with muscle-building protein, energizing healthy carbohydrates, and a plentiful number of calories. Some weight gain supplements are not entire meal replacements, so it is important that you are still consuming a nutritious diet in the process.

best weight gain supplements for women
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Additionally, while taking weight gain supplements it is essential that you are also exercising to build muscle mass. This will further help to increase your overall body weight and allow you to tone and shape where desired. Supplements can aid in the promotion of muscle growth with the delivery of necessary nutrients like protein and also serve as a convenient source of calories.

**While weight gain supplements can be beneficial, always be sure to consult with your health practitioner before making any significant dietary or lifestyle changes.

Here are our picks for the best weight gain supplements for women:

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Whey Protein:

Women who are trying to gain weight and increase their muscle mass may find whey protein to be a favorable choice of supplements. Whey protein is a complete source of protein. Complete protein sources consist of all of the nine essential amino acids we must get from our diet. This complete delivery of protein ensures that your muscles are getting the proper nourishment needed for growth and development.

Whey protein also has a high digestibility rate, meaning it is delivered and utilized by the body much faster compared to other protein sources. This makes whey protein a good choice of post-workout supplements to aid in muscle recovery.

1. Good pick: TGS All Natural Whey Protein Powder best weight gain supplements for women

Protein is a key source of nutrition for gaining weight. It provides the essential amino acids that help to develop muscle and repair tissue. The TGS All Natural Whey Protein Powder provides a direct delivery of quality whey protein throughout your muscles. What we like about this supplement is that there are no additives in it – in fact there are only 2 ingredients.


  • GMO and gluten free
  • No sweeteners or flavorings
  • 25 grams of protein and 130 calories per serving (1 scoop)

Benefits & Uses:

  • This protein powder makes the list for the best weight gain supplements for women because it is exactly what you need to gain muscle / body mass without the extra additives. Its only 2 ingredients are whey protein and sunflower lecithin. Sunflower lecithin in itself serves multiple health benefits including digestive betterment. Mix this supplement in with a healthful shake and other nutritious edibles for additional calories.

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High-Calorie Nutritional Shakes:

Another option of the best weight gain supplements for women are high-calorie nutritional shakes. Higher calorie nutritional shakes are used for various purposes, and can be a convenient way to get an additional source of calories for weight gain. Nutritional shakes consist of different key vitamins and minerals, hence why they are sometimes used as meal replacements. If you find it difficult to maintain or reach a caloric surplus needed to gain weight, weight gain shakes can be of great help.

2. Good pick: Naturade Weight Gain Instant Nutrition Drink Mix

This weight gain supplement mixes in easily with your beverages, without the “clumpy” consistencybest weight gain supplements for women some supplement powders have. A serving size with this drink mix is 2 scoops, but you can go up to 4 scoops. The amount of calories you can get out of this supplement ranges anywhere from 220 up to 1600 depending on what beverage you mix it with (milk will give you the most) and how many scoops.


  • 21 grams of healthful carbohydrates
  • Good source of vitamins and minerals
  • Convenient and easy use

Benefits & Uses:

  • This supplement contains at least 10 grams of protein per serving, providing a generous amount of muscle-building aid. So, it makes for a good pre or post-workout help. You can also simply add this drink mix to your beverages throughout the day to aid in maintaining a caloric surplus, with the help of other nutrient-dense foods.

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3. Good pick: Boost VHC Complete Nutritional Drink

These supplements have made our list of favorites previously, and definitely secure a place for the best weight gain supplements for women as well. The reason being is because of the high caloric density of these drinks. Per drink, you can get 530 calories – all in a 8 fluid ounce size. Additionally there are 26 vitamins and minerals in this supplement, making it a nutritious weight gain supplements for women


  • Generous pack sizes
  • Protein-rich
  • Gluten free

Benefits & Uses:

For those who are trying to gain weight, this supplement can make a very beneficial choice. The Boost VHC Drinks contain 530 calories and are filled with healthy sources of nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals. If you have difficulty gaining weight due to a lack of appetite, or fast metabolism, this supplement is especially helpful. Just by consuming these drinks with your meals or as-is, you are getting an abundance of calories.

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Mass Gainers:

For women who are trying to build muscle mass, or do heavier training and lifting, mass gainers can be of great benefit. These types of weight gain supplements typically contain a much higher calorie, carbohydrate, and protein content. Since mass gainers tend to be on the more “heavy-duty” side of supplements, it is especially important that you are exercising and consuming a healthful diet to match.

4. Good pick: Muscle Milk Gainer Protein Powder

For women who are more active or do heavier training/lifting, this weight gain supplement makes a best weight gain supplements for womenfavorable choice. The Muscle Milk Gainer Protein Powder contains high quality protein that helps to build lean muscle mass. It also contains 650 calories per 4 scoops, which counts as a serving size. You can easily reach a caloric surplus with this supplement when consumed in addition to a nutrient-dense diet.


  • Various sizes and flavors
  • 32 grams of protein
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals

Benefits & Uses:

  • After exercising, our muscles form tiny fibrous tears in response to the movement and strain. Proteins and carbohydrates help to aid in muscle tissue repair and growth. This restoration and recovery period ultimately leads to further growth in mass. Aside from a sizable protein content, the Muscle Milk Gainer additionally contains 100+ grams of healthy carbohydrates (per 4 scoops) to help with muscle and energy recovery, making this supplement great for post-workouts. Mix it with a smoothie or shake and add the extra toppings or fruit for even more calories.

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5. Good pick: Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

The Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is great for those with a fast metabolism looking to gain weight/ best weight gain supplements for womenbuild muscle mass, especially for those who will be doing more frequent physical activity. It contains 1280 calories per serving when mixed with milk, and this particular one comes in a generous container size. You can select from a variety of other flavors and sizes as well.


  • 52 grams of protein
  • Can get up to 1900 calories if mixed with 24 oz water and other toppings
  • 17 grams of BCAA’s

Benefits / Uses:

If you’re looking for more efficient results when trying to gain weight/muscle mass, the Dymatize Super Mass Gainer provides the key nutrients to do so. The calorie count is abundant, and your muscles will receive 52 grams of protein for healthy growth. For women who do heavier training or have a fast metabolism, this weight gain supplement will help you to reach that caloric surplus to gain. This supplement mixes in easily with water and milk, but you can also use a blender and add other edibles for a healthful shake.

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With a few of the best weight gain supplements for women in mind, check out some of the fastest ways to gain weight:


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