5 Weight Gain Hacks to Gain Weight Quickly and Healthily

A nutrient-dense yet calorie-dense diet and a steady workout routine can help to encourage healthy weight gain. In addition to, you should be maintaining a consistent calorie surplus in your diet where you are consuming more calories than you burn off. If you are in search of weight gain hacks to help you gain weight at a steady, healthy pace, a surplus of calories in your diet should be at the foundation. Exercising will help to further advance your results by adding to your overall body / muscle mass and allow you to tone and shape your gained weight.

While there are a variety of foods, exercises, guides, and more, that can help to promote weight gain, there are some people who seek to gain weight but struggle to. A fast metabolism, lack of appetite, and certain health conditions, are just a few potential factors that can make it difficult for one to gain weight. If you struggle to maintain your weight or gain weight, you should speak with a physician or nutritionist to help you come up with a diet and lifestyle plan that works best for you. Nonetheless, there are a few more weight gain hacks that can make it easier to gain a few extra pounds. In this list, we have compiled five hacks to gain weight quickly and healthily:

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Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals or experts. What is written throughout the content of our website is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical or professional advice. What you choose to do with the information provided is at your own risk and discretion. Before making any significant changes to your diet and / or lifestyle, be sure to contact your health practitioner.


To gain a few extra pounds, you have to consume a surplus of calories. A surplus of calories, otherwise known as a caloric surplus, is defined as consuming and retaining more calories than you burn off even after exercise. One way to increase your calorie intake and put you closer to a surplus, is to increase your meal proportions. Instead of having one plate of food at dinner, have two. Rather than having one sandwich at lunch, increase it to two. This simple change can easily add up to a decent number of calories and put you at a caloric surplus. If you find it difficult to double up on your proportions, consider splitting your meals up into smaller sizes and time intervals. For example, instead of having three big meals for the day, divide them into five smaller ones.


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Another easy way to gain weight quickly and healthily, is to make your own high-calorie weight gain shake or smoothie using a combination of nutrient-dense edibles. Blenders allow you to mix together a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other foods to form a tasty shake or smoothie. To receive an extra boost of calories, you can add a protein powder or other weight gainer powder to your liquid.

There are also various recipes that can be made to serve with a blender. You can make smoothie bowls, soups, nut butters, and more. With the right ingredients, your homemade weight gain shake can total up to a thousand calories or more. A few healthy food options you can add to your shake or smoothie include nuts and seeds like almonds or chia seeds, blueberries, spinach, and avocado, to name a few.

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To continue the list of weight gain hacks, if you want to supplement additional calories into your diet to help maintain a caloric surplus, try topping your meals with different condiments like ketchup and mustard when possible. To add, if you like salads, try to include a little bit of salad dressing when you can. These subtle changes to your meals can quickly add up to a generous number of calories and may help you reach and maintain a surplus of calories in your diet.

Just make sure that when and if you add extra toppings and condiments to your meals that you read the nutrition label and make healthy food choices when feasible. Some food extras such as these sometimes contain high amounts of sodium and / or added sugars.


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Exercise is good for your overall health and is especially important even when trying to gain weight. Come up with a consistent workout routine that you set to do a couple of days out of the week. There are a variety of exercises you can incorporate into your workout routine that can help to effectively and efficiently build muscle mass and thus increase your overall body weight. Strength-based exercises are a good aim when it comes to trying to gain weight. This type of exercise consists of compound exercises that target and allow you to focus on different areas of muscle. In comparison with cardio, strength exercises may be more beneficial for gaining weight. Certain cardio exercises are intense and burn many calories.

While cardio is healthy in moderation, it may cause you to burn off an excess of calories and make it more difficult to maintain a calorie surplus in your diet and gain weight. Some good strength exercises that can help to encourage weight gain include squats, lunges, and leg lifts, to name a few. It is also important that you add a couple of rest days in between your workout days. Rest days are essential as they give your muscles time to recover, repair, and grow.

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If you are in search of weight gain hacks, one way to make your weight gain process much simpler is to track your progress. Tracking your calorie and overall nutrient intake is a great way to see if you are maintaining a calorie surplus and meeting your daily nutrient requirements. Some of our favorite health and fitness apps you may find in your phone’s app store include MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, and Cronometer. Knowing exactly what it is that you are eating will allow you to make better choices in your diet. Also, speaking with a nutritionist can help you to come up with a more detailed diet plan that will allow you to gain weight healthily.

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