15 Weight Gain Tips for Women to Gain Fast & Healthy

Regardless of your reasoning for wanting to gain weight, weight gain should be approached in a healthy and balanced manner. Consuming primarily nutrient-dense foods as opposed to junk foods will help to encourage healthy weight gain. Additionally, you should be maintaining a consistent surplus of calories in your diet. A consistent caloric surplus is where you are retaining more calories than you burn off.

Here are 15 additional weight gain tips for women to gain weight fast and healthily:

weight gain tips for women
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1) Increase your proportions

If you find it difficult to maintain a surplus of calories in your diet to gain weight, maybe because of a lack of appetite or fast metabolism, try to increase your proportions. Instead of eating one sandwich at lunch, increase it to two and the same thing for your other meals. Instead of having one plate of food at dinner, have two. This all adds up to a decent number of calories to contribute to a caloric surplus.

2) Add the extra toppings and use the dressings

Another easy yet effective weight gain tip for women, is to add the extra toppings and dressings to your foods when you can. If you are having toast, spread jam or butter. Butter can add an extra 102 calories. For salads, top off with a dressing and croutons. Ranch dressing can provide 145 calories, and croutons around 122 calories. This is another way to help reach a caloric surplus with ease.

3) Cook with healthy oils

Recipes that involve the use of an oil provide an opportunity to get an additional source of extra calories to contribute to weight gain. Olive oil for example, is a healthier alternative yet contains 119 calories per tablespoon. Avocado oil is another healthy cooking base, containing 124 calories per tablespoon.

4) Use resistance bands when exercising

Using resistance bands when exercising is a highly effective way to build muscle mass faster and helps to further increase your overall body weight. Resistance bands do just that, create resistance to give your muscles a more thorough and engaging workout. They are especially beneficial for compound strength exercises.

weight gain tips for women

5) Increase your weight load as you progress

With your strength exercises, increasing your weight load as you progress is another one of the most effective weight gain tips for women. To advance your growth in muscle mass, it is essential that you are gradually expanding your weight load and/or repetitions to also help further increase your overall body weight.

6) Snack throughout the day

Snacking on healthy refreshments throughout the day in addition to your other meals can help to maintain a surplus of calories. Some good choices of higher calorie snacks are trail mixes, raisins, and homemade weight gain smoothies. These are all easy ways to contribute to healthy weight gain.

7) Mix weight gain supplements with milk if possible

Many weight gain supplements instruct to be mixed with either water or milk. However, blending them with milk can provide more calories. Milk not only contains a higher calorie count, but a plentiful amount of beneficial nutrients.

8) Come up with a routine

Coming up with a workout routine and a meal plan will help you to stay consistent. Set a couple of days out the week to workout, making sure you have rest days in between for healthy muscle growth. Meal prepping is another method that can help in developing a routine to gain weight.

weight gain tips for women
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9) Stay consistent

One of the key weight gain tips for women, is to stay consistent. Consistency is needed to see results not just with weight gain, but in other various aspects as well. Your body will adjust and the process will become much easier.

10) Use a calorie tracker

In continuation of staying consistent, it also helps to use a calorie tracker. There are apps that will tell you how many calories you need to eat per day to gain weight, and all you have to do is input your meals. This well help you to monitor whether or not you are maintaining a caloric surplus. There are also activity watches/bands that can keep track of your exercises in addition to your calorie intake.

11) Maintain a caloric surplus of 300 – 500 extra calories

A caloric surplus is consuming more calories than you burn off through physical activity. Once you know what your recommended daily calorie consumption is to maintain your current weight, another helpful weight gain tip for women is to consume an extra 300-500 more calories than recommended. This will result in a consistent caloric surplus and is where noticeable weight gain can be seen.

12) Weight gain smoothies are a big help

Making your own weight gain smoothies can be a tastier alternative to the usual weight gain powder and shakes. There are many DIY recipes and blends available online, some of which that can provide up to an additional 1,000 calories. Fruits, nuts, and seeds are just a few healthy edibles to add to your homemade weight gain smoothies.

weight gain tips for women

13) Avoid drinking beverages before eating

An additional simple yet effective weight gain tips for women is to avoid drinking beverages before your meals. Many publications say to do the opposite for those trying to lose weight. However, drinking liquids before a meal can take up more space in the stomach causing you to feel fuller than you actually are.

14) Protein + healthy carbohydrates

An adequate intake of protein in your diet when trying to gain weight is essential, however healthy carbohydrates are just as important. These nutrients, when combined, set up a healthy foundation for muscle growth and weight gain. The amino acids derived from protein aid in muscle tissue repair among other functions, and carbs provide fuel for your workouts.

15) There are healthy, yet high-calorie foods

The last of weight gain tips for women, is to make note of high-calorie, yet nutrient-dense foods. There are plenty of foods that are high in calories beneficial for weight gain, yet still healthy. Some examples include brown rice, beans, avocados, and more. This is an easy alternative to gain weight but still get your key vitamins and minerals.

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