What Is the Fastest Way to Gain Weight for Women?

While the weight loss industry generates billions of dollars a year in revenue, there are many women who aim for the opposite and seek to gain weight. Regardless of reasoning, both weight loss and weight gain should be approached in a balanced and healthful manner. Whether you are trying to gain weight out of preference or for health reasons, there are plenty of natural and healthy, yet quick ways to put on a few extra pounds.

So,what is the fastest way to gain weight for women?

To start, it obviously helps to consume more calories. However, if you want to gain weight quickly, being mindful of what you are eating will make the process much easier. For example, in 1 cup of trail mix you can get over 600 calories, along with numerous other nutrients all the while still leaving room for other meals. Compare this to 1 cup of potato chips, where you may be getting less calories per serving size and little nutritional benefit. When trying to gain weight, it is best to avoid doing so by consuming junk foods like potato chips.

Trying to gain weight by consuming junks foods can lead to adverse health effects. Instead, aim for primarily nutrient-dense foods like nuts, fruits and vegetables, and beans. With an idea of what goes on behind weight gain, here are other solutions to what is the fastest way to gain weight for women:

what is the fastest way to gain weight for women

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1.High-calorie, nutrient-dense foods

There are plenty of foods that are high in calories yet still healthy. To answer “what is the fastest way to gain weight for women”, it is going to be with the aid of high-calorie, nutrient-dense foods. Beans, for example, are used in a variety of recipes and can provide a decent number of calories. Yet, this food choice still consists of multiple nutritional benefits including a rich protein content – great for muscle growth. Nuts, avocados, and potatoes, are just a few more examples of healthy foods that can provide a good number of calories for weight gain.

The key is maintaining a caloric surplus, which is retaining more calories than you burn off. The more frequent you have a surplus of calories, the faster the results. There are an abundance of high-calorie nutrient-rich food choices available to help you gain weight faster.

2. Eating at least three meals a day what is the fastest way to gain weight

To maintain a consistent surplus of calories needed to gain weight, it helps to make sure that you are eating at least three meals a day. A routine healthful breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with snacks in between will all aid in reaching a daily caloric surplus. At breakfast, fruits and other healthy carbohydrates are a great option that give you a boost of energy to start the day. Fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-dense edibles, additionally make a great source of extra calories to add to your meals if you have difficulty reaching a surplus of calories. Mangoes for example, contain around 200 calories per fruit.

At lunch and dinner, meals high in protein will help with post-workout muscle recovery and aid in muscle growth and development. Consuming snacks throughout the day are where you can really add up the extra calories for faster weight gain. In addition, go ahead and add the toppings, dressings, and condiments to your meals as an easy way to get even more calories.

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3. Maintaining a consistent caloric surplus

If you are not consuming a consistent surplus of calories, you are either going to maintain your current weight, or lose weight. A caloric surplus is where you are eating more calories than burning off – or are consuming more than your recommended daily calorie consumption. It may seem like a lot, especially if you have a fast metabolism, but weight gain can definitely still be achieved.

Health and fitness trackers or apps make it easier to manage your daily calorie intake and progress. High-calorie, nutrient-dense foods and/or weight gain supplements will additionally help you to reach and maintain a caloric surplus.

4. Building muscle mass with exercisewhat is the fastest way to gain weight for women

In addition to consuming a surplus of nutrient-dense calories, building muscle mass with exercise is another one of the fastest ways to gain weight for women. Not only are you gaining weight through your diet, but exercising will help you to further increase your body mass. Working out will also allow you to help tone and shape where the added pounds go.

Set a couple of days out of the week to exercise, also incorporating a few rest days in between. Rest days are actually where exponential muscle growth is very apparent because this is when the muscles are allowed time to recover and grow. Strength-based exercises are one of the fastest ways to gain weight as they utilize multiple muscles throughout various areas of the body, steadily building and increasing mass as you advance. This is also why it is important that you are gradually increasing your number of repetitions and/or weight load to help further build body mass.

5. Weight gain supplements

Another one of the fastest ways to gain weight for women are with the aid of weight gain supplements. These supplements contain various key nutrients that help to gain weight healthily and quickly. Many weight gain supplements are also protein-rich and provide a boost of nourishment to your muscles, helping with muscle growth. To add to this, weight gain supplements contain a plentiful number of calories to upkeep a surplus. This weight gain supplement contains 1,250 calories per serving. Combine that with your regular meals and you can easily reach a caloric surplus daily. Complete your weekly workouts and speedy results are a given.

what is the fastest way to gain weight

6. What is the fastest way to gain weight for women? Staying consistent

Speedy results are seen with consistency. While there are ways to gain weight faster, it is not going to happen overnight, but overtime with consistency. If you want to gain weight, your workouts should be compounded exercises meaning gradually increased. This gradual increase in your weight loads and/or repetitions will build muscle more efficiently and apace and benefit your overall body mass. In addition, a consistent surplus of calories in your diet will promote weight gain.


With “what is the fastest way to gain weight for women” answered, here are some exercises you can do to further increase your overall mass.



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