The Best At-Home Exercise Equipment:

Whether you are trying to gain weight, lose weight, maintain good health, or tone areas of muscle, there is going to be a point in time where you may want to use some form of exercise equipment to see expanded results. While working out at home without equipment typically found at the gym can be effective, there are different pieces of at-home exercise equipment you can use to further maximize your results. The best at-home exercise equipment comes in a variety of styles, all of which that target different areas of muscle.

Whether you work out at home or at the gym, consistency and patience is key in seeing results. But sometimes, there is nothing like working out in the comfort of your own home. the best at home exercise equipment

Here is a list of the best at-home exercise equipment to help meet your fitness aims:

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Almost everyone has a pair of dumbbells laying around somewhere. These exercise tools are great for beginners and still get the job done. Used primarily for toning the arms, dumbbells can additionally be used in a wide variety of strength exercises and movements to further increase muscle growth. They make the list for the best at-home exercise equipment not only because of their effectiveness, but because of the wide range of weight sizes they come in which is great for those just starting out or even heavy trainers.

best at-home exercise equipment


Obviously much heavier than dumbbells, these tools will help to build muscle mass quickly and effectively. Since they are a heavier weight, barbells utilize more muscle strength and are of beneficial use for those who do heavier training. This exercise equipment will help to tone your back muscles as well your biceps and triceps. In addition to this, barbells help to tone the muscles in your abdomen area and legs. Using barbells allows for exponential/compounded muscle growth, as you can always add more weight plates or use a bigger size.

best at-home exercise equipment

Leg Extension Machine

The leg extension machine helps to tone your lower body and abdomen area, all simultaneously. It is another one of the best at-home exercise equipment as it requires the use of multiple muscles in your body. Its efficiency allows you to get a thorough and challenging workout. Plus, it is great for people of all ages and helps to keep the joints flexible and strong.

best at-home exercise equipment

Ankle Weights

Wearing ankle weights while doing various exercises can be highly beneficial when done attentively. The weights help to tone your thigh and calf muscles as you are in motion, with little to no effort. Use these while doing squats and/or leg lifts for additional muscle challenge.

best at-home exercise equipment

Lat Pulldown Machine

Popular at the gym as well, this piece of exercise equipment is going to help you build bicep and triceps muscle, as well as tone your back muscles. Because of the resistance of the pull-down lever, it really helps to gradually build and strengthen your muscles. It is a very challenging machine that further increases your efficiency when trying to build mass, making it a favorable choice of the best at-home exercise equipment.

best at-home exercise equipment

Leg Press Machine

Although similar to the leg extension machine, the leg press machine differs in the motion you direct your legs. Still targeting the same areas, this piece of at-home exercise equipment also helps to tighten and tone your abdomen area. It is a great use for “leg day”, utilizing the majority of your lower body and leg muscles. When used in addition to other compounding exercises, expect more efficiency and faster results for muscle growth.

best at-home exercise equipment

Dip Bars

Dip bars make the list for the best at-home exercise equipment because they can be used in such a wide variety of exercises. Upper body workouts? Check. Abdomen area? Check. You can use them for push-ups, pull-ups, hip exercises and more. All of which target various areas of your body and will aid in the promotion of muscle growth.

best at-home exercise equipment


With the best at-home exercise equipment in mind, here is a list of beneficial muscle-building exercises you can try:


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