The Best Weight Gain Shakes That Actually Work 2020:

For those who want to gain weight, supplement shakes make a favorable choice. They are easy to travel with and can be consumed any time of day, even while on the go. While weight gain shakes aren’t entire meal replacements, they can be a healthful source of extra calories. There is sometimes speculation though, whether or not weight gain shakes actually work. The answer to this is yes, they do.

The best weight gain shakes not only contain a high caloric content, but many are also filled with various essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, and more. These nutrients help to aid in muscle growth and development as well as set a healthy foundation for gaining weight. Additionally, weight gain shakes usually come in a wide variety of flavors and generous sizes.

What to consider:

Protein is essential not only in the maintenance of healthy body functions, but should be a primary source of nutrition when trying to gain mass. A good supplement shake will consist of high-quality proteins like whey protein, casein, BCAA’s, etc. These proteins contain certain amino acids utilized for muscle growth and muscle tissue repair, among other functions, that can benefit for your workouts.

You should also look for a weight gain shake that is low in added sugars. A lot of the times drinks contain added sugars that are not used in the benefit of your body. So, just make sure you are reviewing the nutritional facts label to verify the product is low in added sugars. The healthier types of carbohydrates will give your body the boost it needs to help keep you active and energized when exercising.

best weight gain shakes

With all of this information in mind, it can leave a range of options. To help you find the best weight gain shakes that suit your lifestyle, we have complied a list of our leading choices. Not only do these supplements earn majority positive reception and ratings among users, they meet the checklist for an effective weight gain supplement – quality protein content, consists of other key nutrients, low in unhealthy sugars, and of course, a high-caloric content.

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1. Muscle Milk Pro Series Protein Shake 

These weight gain shakes are easy to take on the go, and can be used as a pre / post workout shake or just as a mid-day refreshment. Providing a quick distribution of protein, the proteins used in these shakes rank for the highest score of protein quality, based off the PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score). This ensures that you will yield high productivity in developing lean muscle mass through exercise.

Only containing 1 gram of sugar, many consumers of this protein shake also like that they can maximize their nutrient gains – still getting the protein with room for healthy carbs. Additionally, most people prefer to take this supplement after their workouts to help with muscle replenishment. So, if you workout throughout the week, simply take this shake sometime afterwards to give your muscles the nutrients they need to recoup.

What else you’ll like about the Muscle Milk Pro Series Protein Shakes:

  • Consists of 20 – 40 grams of protein (Milk Protein Isolate), depending on the flavor.
  • Comes in 4 different flavors, with chocolate being a fan favorite.
  • Also contains anywhere from 160 – 200 calories – a sufficient boost of calories if you’re trying to gain weight.
  • While not an entire meal replacement, these shakes hold 20 essential vitamins and minerals.

We appreciate the efficiency of the Muscle Milk Pro Series Protein Shakes. They don’t have to be refrigerated if you don’t want them to, which makes them easy to carry with you whenever. The high quality protein content is really helpful for those who have difficulty getting their protein requirements from other sources.

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2. Boost VHC Complete Nutritional Drink 

As it states in its name, the Boost VHC Complete Nutritional Drinks are very high in calories. These make the list for best weight gain shakes for the fact that they contain 530 calories all in a 8 fl. oz. size. Not to mention, these shakes come in a pack of 27, making them a very economical choice. You can easily pack on the surplus of calories you need in order to gain weight.

For users who have consumed just this shake as a supplement (alongside foods), many have reported seeing results within the first month. For a nutritional shake, this is pretty impressive. About the nutrient density, the Boost VHC Drinks contain 22 grams of protein, and meet the recommended daily consumption for Vitamin C and other minerals. While the price may deter some, it is hard to come across another shake with such caloric content.

What else you’ll like about the Boost VHC Complete Nutritional Drinks:

  • Gluten free.
  • Comes in a savory vanilla flavor, but tastes great when mixed with milk – add some chocolate syrup if you want for a sweet taste!
  • Useful for those who have low appetites or fast metabolisms.

There really aren’t that many weight gain shakes that contain such a high calorie content like this one. But aside from calories, these nutritional drinks supply you with enough vitamins and minerals to suffice if missed in regular meals.

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3. Real Gains Weight Gainer

Containing 52 grams of whey protein and 600+ calories per serving, this weight gainer will highly benefit you if you are a heavy lifter and/or workout frequently. It comes as a powder, but is made to mix in easily with water or milk even without a blender. But if you want to blend it, you can also add in other nutritious edibles to maximize your gains. With this supplement taken alongside meals in addition to exercise, noticeable results are not difficult to come by. Many users have reported seeing growth within the first month or two.

Additionally, a number of consumers of this shake prefer to take it post-workout for better results. This weight gainer does come with 80 grams of complex carbohydrates, so your muscles will have the nutrients they need to recover.

What else you’ll like about the Real Gains Weight Gainer:

  • Comes in multiple flavors, so you’re bound to find one that’s tasty.
  • Also contains healthy fats derived from essential fatty acids (EFA’s).
  • There are 3 different bag sizes available that can last you awhile.

The Real Gains Weight Gainer is a good choice if you are looking for a helpful supplement to complement your workout routine. We also appreciate the fact that this weight gainer can be mixed in with your liquids without the use of a blender, making it good for on-the-go.

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4. Ensure Plus Nutritional Shakes 

The Ensure Plus Nutritional Shakes are convenient, effective, and not to mention pretty tasty. Many users of this weight gain shake favor it as a meal supplement. This shake is doctor recommended, as it provides numerous essential vitamins and minerals and other nutrients.

Additionally, it is okay to take up to 2 of these shakes in a day, and at 350 calories per bottle, this can be of great help for those trying to gain weight. What we also like about the Ensure Plus Nutritional Shakes are the generous pack sizes. You can get a 16 count, 24 count, or even higher count pack which can go quite far. If you find it difficult to maintain a higher calorie intake for gaining weight, you’ll appreciate this shake.

What else you’ll like about the Ensure Plus Nutritional Shakes:

  • These shakes contain around 13 grams of high-quality protein per bottle.
  • Can be used in a variety of recipes.
  • Multiple flavors and sizes to choose from.

The fact that these shakes are doctor recommended is a bonus. They contain enough nutrients and calories to be used as a meal supplement. You’ll find that because of this, they can be very beneficial if you are trying to gain weight when taken in addition to your other meals. Just make sure to shake the product well before use, as the consistency can get a bit clumpy.

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5. TGS All Natural Whey Protein Powder 

If you want to get in your protein requirements, but without all of the extra additives – this supplement is for you. The TGS All Natural Whey Protein Powder contains only 2 ingredients. There are no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, and no additives. Because it contains no sweeteners, you can easily add this protein to a variety of recipes / shakes of your choosing.

This protein supplement mixes in easily with your liquids, and comes in a 2 lb bag that you can get a prolonged use out of, as a serving size is just 1 scoop. The bag is also resealable – convenient for on the go travels. There are 25 grams of whey protein in this supplement, which is a complete protein containing all of the 9 necessary amino acids we must get from our diet. Amino acids supply your muscles with the nutrients they need to replenish. With a healthful composition of nutrients, this supplement makes great use for after workouts or if you find it difficult to get protein from elsewhere.

What else you’ll like about the TGS All Natural Whey Protein Powder:

  • No GMO’s.
  • Easy on the digestive system.
  • The 2nd ingredient aside from whey protein, is Sunflower lecithin, which provides different health benefits including cardiovascular and neurological wellness.

The TGS All Natural Whey Protein Powder is unlike most protein supplements. Containing only 2 ingredients, users are still able to make their gains and then some – without all the additives. This unsweetened powder blends into any shake you desire and can fit into a number of recipes – kind of taking out the factor of unappetizing weight gain shakes. To get more calories, simply add other nutritious edibles into your shake.

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6. Premier Protein Shakes 

If you’re looking for an economical supplement, these shakes are a great alternative. The Premier Protein Shakes contain around 30 grams of protein per bottle, and have all 9 essential amino acids that are needed in our diet. You’re still able to get your protein requirements, along with 20+ vitamins and minerals. There are 5 flavors available that come in varying pack sizes.

For the most part, you won’t have to worry about a bad taste with these shakes. The Premier Protein Shakes have won an award at the U.S.A. Taste Championships for superior tasting ready-to-drink protein beverages. If you want to get more out of your shake, try mixing them in a blender with other nutrient dense edibles – nuts, seeds, fruits, etc. You can easily get a couple of hundred extra calories by doing so.

What else you’ll like about the Premier Protein Shakes:

  • Not as chalky or clumpy as other shakes, but still thick enough to be fulfilling.
  • Only 1 gram of sugar.
  • Doesn’t leave a strong aftertaste.

The Premier Protein Shakes are a great source of protein if you are looking for something at a reasonable cost that still gets the job done. Aside from protein, these shakes are rich in vitamins and minerals, and also make a good source of calcium, to add. When trying to gain weight, it is helpful to blend these shakes in with other nutrient-dense foods. Additionally, there are multiple recipes available that the Premier Protein Shakes can be used in.

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With the best weight gain shakes in mind, here are some exercises you can do to maximize your results.

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