Different Types of Weight Gain Supplements to Know About

If you are seeking to gain weight, weight gain supplements can be of great benefit. Weight gain supplements can supply you with an abundance of calories to help you maintain a calorie surplus. A calorie surplus is where you are consuming more calories than you burn off and is needed in order to gain weight. Retaining calories in your diet will promote steady weight gain in addition to regular exercise that can help to further advance your results. Nonetheless, in this list we have compiled a few of the different types of weight gain supplements to know about when seeking to gain weight.

Here are a few of the different types of weight gain supplements to know about:

different types of weight gain supplements
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There are weight loss pills and there are weight gain pills. Weight gain pills are just one of the options of different types of weight gain supplements and may be prescribed by your doctor or purchased online or at the store. Many of these weight gain pills work as appetite stimulants and in turn can help you to increase your calorie count and encourage weight gain. Those who are clinically underweight or recovering from an illness may be prescribed weight gain pills to help them put on a few extra pounds.

The effectiveness of weight gain pills varies from person to person. Some individuals may notice weight gain with the use of weight gain pills while others may not. Nonetheless, if you are interested in weight gain pills, it is best to discuss the particular supplement you are interested in with your doctor beforehand. Over the counter weight gain pills may not be regulated or FDA approved, and thus may not be the safest or most effective alternative.

different types of weight gain supplements
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Another one of the different types of weight gain supplements and a more common choice, are weight gain powders. Weight gain powders are made to blend in easily with liquids. They contain a high number of calories along with other various nutrients. There are protein powders and weight gainers – you may find benefit with either choice. To add, there are an array of weight gain powders to choose from. All of which come in varying flavors and sizes. There are even flavorless weight gainer powders available.

Weight gain supplements in the form of powders are great for a post-workout refreshment, as these supplements additionally contain a generous amount of protein and carbohydrates. On the other hand, because these powders often contain a high amount of nutrients, it is important that you consult with a dietitian or doctor to help you select a weight gain powder that is in alignment with your lifestyle and current state of health.

different types of weight gain supplements
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Pre-made weight gain shakes are a convenient choice of weight gain supplements. These packaged shakes come already prepared in a collection of different flavors and sizes. They are great for on-the-go travels as all you have to do is keep them refrigerated and grab and go when ready.

Many of these pre-made weight gain shakes provide hundreds of calories which can benefit you in maintaining a calorie surplus to gain weight. In addition, some of these pre-made shakes contain a source of various key vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and can be good to your overall health. A professional nutritionist can help you find a weight gain shake that will be healthful and effective for you. There are also different pre-made weight gain shakes to choose from online.


If you would rather skip out on commercial / retail weight gain supplements, you can always create your own. DIY weight gain supplements in the form of a tasty shake or smoothie can be an easy way to receive an ample number of calories to encourage weight gain. Creating your own DIY weight gain supplement can be done using a few ingredients found right at home.

When creating your own weight gain shake or smoothie, it is best to use a combination of nutrient-dense edibles that can be blended into a high-calorie shake. Additionally, creating your own weight gain shake allows you to skip out on the sometimes non-beneficial ingredients found in some commercial weight gain supplements. You can also create a weight gain smoothie catered to your own taste buds. A few healthful nutrient-dense yet higher calorie edibles you can add to your DIY weight gain smoothie include yogurt, blueberries, nuts, chia seeds, and more.

different types of weight gain supplements
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